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About this Site:
Palestine-Education.Net is a non-profit run project which collects educational materials related to the Palestinian identity, culture, history and environment. You can view all entries and contribute yourself to any of the categories. More about the site >>
Latest Entries (of 80 entries)

15.11.2006 CivicsMaking drawings about the Wall
15.11.2006 CivicsAnother way: educational materials on no...
15.11.2006 CivicsMight and Right: stories for discussions

Intercultural exchange
12.11.2009 Intercultural exchangeDreams and Reality
15.11.2006 Intercultural exchangeWriting and sharing a story about "dream...
15.11.2006 Intercultural exchangeHow to change images in the West

03.10.2007 Pre-schoolOn Kawara, in Dar Al-Kalima College, Bet...

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